Friday, September 23, 2011

FIrst day of Fall, Already?

Hey Guys,
If your anything like me your already counting down the days till summer. 
However, to help pass the time I love trying all the new trends for different seasons. 
Here's some must have trends I love for Fall 2011! 

1) Leather Skirts! This is my number one pick for the fall collection. I am still on the hunt for my own but I will be getting one asap. If your looking for one for yourself, check out Lauren Conrad leather skirt in her new line, Paper Crown. You can find her collection at Nordstrom! 

2) Boots! For all of you who don't live in Arizona,
 you probably need to keep your little piggies warm in the winter.
My favorite brand for boots is the one and only Steve Maddan.
Don't tell Steve but I have fallen in love with these Tory Burch camel riding boots.

3) Color Blocking! Call me old fashion but I like to match accordingly. 
However, one of the latest fads is color blocking! 
If I can take a step out of my confront zone and mismatch then you can too! 

4) Pleats! Pleated Skirts and dresses right now is a new fun way to be preppy.
Don't dig out your old cheerleading skirts! Instead try something more like this skirt. 
We have three different colored below the knee length skirts 
at Nordstrom BP and a fun party dress! 
Check it out at! 

5) Denim! This is the one trend that will never go out of style. 
Try a denim bottom up top. I have one from Urban Outfitters. 
I would wear it everyday if I could because you can wear it with any outfit!
Dress it up, make it casual, layer it up, or pile it on more denim like this outfit. 

Also, high waisted jeans!
If you have short legs like me wear them with a tucked in tee
 & make sure you have enough length to wear heels with them.
This gives the illusion that you grew 5 inches overnight!
However, if you do have long legs... More Power to You! 
(these high-waisted jeans are from Rachel Zoe's new collection)

6) Last but certainly not less, Patched Elbows! 
I love this look. I feel like I could put on one of these and instantly look smarter! 
If you end up getting a patched elbow sweater, cardigan, or blazer like this one
 try layering it up with a Denim Bottom-Up like the one I posted above!

Well, thats all folks. Happy Fall & tune in till next time.
xo, ashlee

Friday, September 16, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi there!
My name is Ashlee.
Everything about me is really quite simple.
I love running and napping.
I eat very healthy with dessert after every meal.
I go to school because without it I'm a fool.
I talk to God more than anyone else.
My good manners are still in training.
I am 20 years young and still play dress up everyday.
I believe in behaving like a lady and playing like a kid.

Now, Please enjoy my blog.