Wednesday, August 5, 2015

my one & only poem

To the guy that writes of me
What'd you think, I wouldn't see?
The words you put out there for free
I am still a human being  

Go ahead, sit and wait
But allow me to set you straight 
You & me, It was just one date

Yeah, I know it gets so old 
I come across as stone cold  

There's no saving me from going numb 
So many want me under their thumb

I have to use my best discretion 
That's why you look at me & question

I bet you think I'm just your kind 
I am not a girl you can define

They warned us loves just a game 
And now, I've learned & got good aim

I was not always this way
It's the other men that's to blame 

But really, I'm just confused 
What am I suppose to do?  

It's like they had something to gain
Each & every time I wept in pain 
Hit after hit, I can't seem to forget
That's why they say I walk with a chip

You see, I've given all of me 
To the ones that just up & leave

Now Let me speak for myself 
I'm working on my mental health 
You say I'm heartless, 
One big hot mess 

I can't help but take defense  
I'm sorry, I'm just a bit distressed 

I don't wanna get you down 
But I ain't ever gunna come around 
I tend to leave without a trace 
I just feel safer in my own space 

I do want to love and be loved 
Im sorry, you're just not the one 

Now I'm on this righteous path 
Please let me be & don't distract

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